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JPENHS sends ‘farewell’ to retiree Ma’am Falcon

posted Sep 7, 2012, 6:26 PM by Admin JPENHS

“She’s a one-of-a-kind leader who creates successful leaders” – Mrs. Francisquita J. Cosmiano


Secondary School Principal IV Imelda C. Falcon retires this September 7 as her DepEd contract expires.  Jacinto P. Elpa National High School, teachers, staff and Falcon family gather for Mrs. Imelda C. Falcon’s Retirement Day on August 29 at Social Hall, Telaje, Tandag City, celebrating 37 years of her public service in education.


                Supreme Student Government (SSG) officers also held their own impromptu program in August 31 along with students and teachers at the Gregorio P. Murillo Grand Stand School Complex.


                 “This retirement day is both a happy and a sad time” emcee Mrs. Evelyn Coro begins on the first program. CAT members in blue then make way for the captivating Imelda Falcon towards the red carpet, who proceeds onstage.


                “Retirement is not worth ceasing- but a stepping stone to another step in life” Francisquita J. Cosmiano emphasized in her opening speech, implying that Ma’am Falcon is a principal who’s always on the go.   


The retiree Ma’am Falcon spent 22 years as a classroom teacher, 6 years as an English Subject Supervisor and 9 as a principal; starting first in Purisima School in Tago and next to Jacinto P. Elpa High School, the biggest school in Surigao del Sur.


“(So this is how) Vilma Santos feels?” Falcon uttered when asked about how she felt in the ‘talk show’ with Mrs. Jeanette Isidro and Fe Lagumbay. 


Different intermissions were exhibited in the SSG’s program, Glee Club led by Mr. Michael Revilleza sang “The Final Countdown” with the rhythm of JPENHS Rondalla of Mrs. Rustica Galbo. This made the principal teary-eyed and even more when videos were shown and gifts were given.


                “I immediately accepted the production of this program..this is my chance to formally tell you all goodbye” Falcon said in her speech. “I arrived in 2003, and now my contract with DepEd has almost expired. I’m going out (in) September 11” she added.


Leading a high school was filled with problems, pressures and stress, Falcon mentioned. But before becoming a principal, Falcon said that she was once the Dance Troop President, an English Coordinator and an Education Supervisor.


Some hoped that Imelda Falcon’s public service in education would be longer, but indeed time has come. Imelda Falcon’s legacy as principal reigns, undergoing through thousands of students who have become successful persons like her, that’s why endings don’t exist- just new beginnings.