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JPENHS Conducts Induction of 2012 MTAP Officers

posted Jul 28, 2012, 5:06 PM by Admin JPENHS

    "Let's rock!" -President of JPENHS Mathematics Association of the Philippines (MTAP) Julieto Galleon
announced in the Induction of Officers 2012-2013 at Villa Maria Luisa Hotel and Restaurant, Purok Baybay, Tandag City
July 21, 2012.
    Math Coordinator Nora Pacheco gave her opening remarks and thanked everyone who participated in the activity.
Principal Imelda Falcon also congratulated everyone, marking the association as a "role model for every subject club".

    "We know everyone is alive, active and 'alerty' members of the club, and I believe you are the most talented
so let's be thankful to God, and developing that talent is our gift to God." Falcon mentioned.

    Events pertaining to Math like MTAP in January were also discussed, and preparing now would be a good strategy
in winning these competitions. Falcon also quoted Michael Jordan's "Talent wins games but intelligence and teamwork wins

    Before moving on to the lunch break and parlor games, Sir Julieto Galleon emphasized the theme of the
program,"The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want", explaining that that we can
achieve our hopes if we prioritize one thing at a time.

    The whole of this program would truly make a huge difference on various school groups of JPENHS, and be an example
of an organized subject club.